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When TBL felt the May 12th earthquake in Beijing, we were surprised, nervous and worried. And then we saw the news about the good people of Sichuan, and we became sad.

This is why we all have to do something, donate money, clothing, blood. Create awareness, tell your friends, your colleagues, your apartment doorman or even a stranger on the street. Simply because it’s the right thing to do.

For starters, here’s a link for anyone to go do whatever they can – THE RED CROSS.

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone.

Where are the so-called promised blue skies? 101 days to the Olympics, and it bugs us at TBL that we have to wait that long before we dare to breathe.

Crap! Our receptionist’s face just passed out!

And here’s a little funny image to show you how much we despise the local weatherman for their lousy predictions. The foreign-based weatherman however, is right on the money today. Kudos!

Open air pool hall. Now the entire neighborhood can see you getting hustled.

We were asked to come up with some designs for a upcoming website in China that features new indie rock music from the US and also from the Chinese underground rock scene. They called it “DAKAI” which means “open up” in Chinese. It’s a cool site that allows music from these two worlds meet up and share their talents.

The first idea is a play on the letter “A” and its similarity to the Chinese character of “Open.”

The second is an visual of an open box that could contain many musical goodies that is available inside

The third was inspired by the elevated doorstep normally found at the foot of traditional Chinese doors. This elevated doorstep are meant for preventing unwanted elements entering the home, and in this case we’re talking about the lack of access between the western world and China.

That’s why a website like will step up (no pun intended) and allow an easier path for the world of music.

Being in China, TBL strives for original thinking and fresh new approaches in their work. We’re just doing our best to counter the shamelessness of those copycats and plagiarists out there.

Here are some unbelievable examples.

Below is our personal favorite because it’s actually quite a creative spin on the original logo.

Kung Fu. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Shaolin.

These are names most of us often associate with the martial arts world in China. And it was a pleasure for TBL to be able to see the real deal at the famous Shaolin Temple.

In the past, they’re known as a sacred temple that only allows potential students entry if they’ve earned their worth, like kneeling outside the temple for days. Now, anyone can pop in for just the small fee of 100 yuan.

The Pagodas inside the temple grounds are amazing to look at. They’re actually a sort of tombstone to the dead masters over the centuries.

There was one in particular that had the funniest carvings on the side. See for yourself.